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Previous Entry Mod Post Jan. 27th, 2005 @ 11:47 pm


The Basics

1. Name: Michelle Derksen
2. Age/DOB: 20, Nov.20/84
3. Location: Prince George, BC Canada

Strut Your Stuff

4. Name 10 kickass bands:
1. Keane
2. Smile Empty Soul
3. The Used
4. My Chemical Romance
5. Mad Caddies
6. The Shins
7. Story of the Year
8. The Postal Service
9. The Faint
10. Stutterfly

5. Whats a wicked song title?: Its Not a Fashion Statement, Its a Deathwish
6. Name five things you love:  my kitten(Brody Eugene McAllister), driving in the city at night when it's raining, coke, thrift stores, lime green
7. And five you hate: my kitten (its a very passionate relationship), girls who get dress to the nines to go to school, the shrinkwrap on a new cd when all you want is to open it, the first of the month, waking up at 7:45 am
8. Your favorite article of clothing is: a vintage t-shirt from when my mom was 19...except that I've basically outgrown it..damn
9. You're alone in a room full of people. You feel: awesome. I hope someone thinks I'm mysterious.
10. The best story to tell people about you and your friends is: the leper bonding story from the day I became friends with Nathan, because no one gets it, it was only funny if you had been there with us at five am when we made it up.
11. What are you addicted to?: coke
12. Alright, sum yourself up in five words, what makes you a nowhere punk?: sarcastic, funny, random, obnoxious, creative

13. Pictures. Post at least four, we gotta be able to see you in one, but other than that, we wanna see what makes you stand out, so be creative. (If you dont have four, email to be excepted from the rule)

Current Music: Rammstein - Feuer Frei
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