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Nowhere Punks

Yeah, we've got attitude, and we're cooler than you. Any problems?

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Welcome to nowhere_punks. This community is all about people who rock the casbah, be it through your wicked taste in music or your rad sense of style, neither of which has to be traditionally "punk". Punk is an attitude, so if you've got it, we probably want you here. If you think you've got what it takes to be a Nowhere Punk, share the love and post an application.

1. You must post an application within 24 hours of joining.
2. First ten members auto-accepted (unless you totally friggin suck, in which case, shame on you), after that votes count, if you can't handle criticism, you aint punk.
3. No posts/comments that dont pertain to your own application until you've been officially stamped by a mod.
4. After you've been accepted, post away. We wanna hear about a new kickass band, what your hair looked like today, if you think its rad, by all means express yourself, you punkass bitch.
5. When you post your app, the subject line should read "join the army of a thousand nowhere kids" so we know you're new.

The Application...copy and paste into your entry:

The Basics
1. Name:
2. Age/DOB:
3. Location:

Strut Your Stuff:
4. Name 10 kickass bands:
5. Whats a wicked song title?:
6. Name five things you love:
7. And five you hate:
8. Your favorite article of clothing is:
9. You're alone in a room full of people. You feel:
10. The best story to tell people about you and your friends is:
11. What are you addicted to?:
12. Alright, sum yourself up in five words, what makes you a nowhere punk?:

13. Pictures. Post at least four, we gotta be able to see you in one, but other than that, we wanna see what makes you stand out, so be creative. (If you dont have four, email to be excepted from the rule)
14. Promote us somewhere. Show the link, kid.

Meet Your Mods

Michelle agent_sputnik

MSN: agentsputnik@hotmail.com

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Interests: angry music, biology, books, cadavers, cat ears, cds, chinese food, church, coke, concerts, eyeliner, fast cars, fast food runs, fast music, gothic punks, hair dye, haircuts, mail, mexican food, mohawks, mosh pits, nerd glasses, piercings, pointless emails, punks, random comments, random pictures, reeses peanut butter cups, sarcasm, spikes, stars, tattoos, things with hoods, zebra stripes and so on.

Adam crazycanadian05

MSN: quinker_98@hotmail.com

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Interests: beers and steak, cars, fabrication, friends, goin fast., long drives, metal working, movies, music, shootin pool, skateboarding, women